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Seasonal Pest Concerns in the Carolinas

Homeowners in the Carolinas may be surprised at just how much pest activity occurs throughout the year. Most believe, especially during the winter months, that pests are dormant and not a threat to your home or business. While this is mostly true there are still significant considerations for pest protection during the cold months. As Spring approaches (as of the writing of this), Nelon-Cole would like to offer some ‘educated tips’ to help home and business owners in the Carolinas know what to be aware of.


This is obviously the season that first comes to mind with regards to pest control – the trees have leaves, the flowers are blooming, and bugs are seemingly everywhere, looking to nest, feed, and reproduce. Spring rains that are more and more common in our region will often overflow, forcing them to higher ground. Carpenter bees begin looking for wood to nest in to lay eggs. Spring is the prime season for termite swarming as well. This is likely the time to be most diligent with your pest control measures for obvious reasons. Your Nelon-Cole pest technician will be extra aggressive and keep both eyes open for obvious signs of trouble in your home but will also take preventative steps in preparation for Summer pests.

spring lawn treatment is important for a healthy and safe summer lawn


Ah, the best time to enjoy the outdoors with your family! But if you have lawn infestations of common pests like fire ants then you know just how miserable an outing can be. This is where our Spring preventative care can really pay off. Lawn treatment is a specialty of Nelon-Cole, and we want you to be comfortable with your lawn during the Summer months. In addition to painful ants, this is prime season for bees, wasps, and other stinging insects to thrive – some can be easily seen but others are experts at hiding until their damage requires costly repairs. As we protect your home during the summer months, we are also aware of what is coming next…


Fall is largely a time of preparation for the Winter months as pests look to nest during the colder weather or look for food sources and shelter opportunities. However, your home is not immune to issues during this time. Late Summer and Fall can leave your home especially vulnerable to moisture problems. Inspect your crawlspace for signs of mold or mildew, or for any standing water that you may see after rains. Pests active during fall can include ladybugs, box elders, and many varieties of spiders – most are safe but others can be dangerous to have in and around your home. This is also the time that other harmful wildlife are scurrying around looking for Winter shelters, such as snakes. The Nelon-Cole wildlife control division is especially adept at handling wildlife problems and should be your first call if you spot something of concern.

nelon-cole technicians look for infestation signs that you may not notice


The Winter months are largely a time of hibernation and dormancy for pests as they attempt to survive the cold. Ants, mice, flies, cockroaches, bees, and more will all make themselves comfortable in your home if given the opportunity to enter, so your pest control technician will carefully follow their training to look for entry points. Infestations can be especially difficult to diagnose during these months as pests who share your living space will do everything they can to remain undetected. This is, after all, their very survival. You may not even see infestation signs at all, but if undiagnosed this can lead to major problems as warmer weather begins to arrive.


Our quarterly pest control services are the very best way to protect your home or business. Our technicians safely apply treatment solutions while also keeping their trained eyes open for problems that a typical homeowner may not notice. In addition, we are also looking out for mold and mildew issues that can cause serious health problems if untreated. We encourage you to call the leader in pest control services in the Carolinas, Nelon-Cole, at 1-888-7-TheWeb and get a FREE consultation today. We offer award-winning year-round protection for your home or business at affordable prices. Call today!


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