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Our "Mind Your Business"
Podcast Series

A Nelon-Cole sponsored podcast series that profiles regional business owners, local events, and engaging personalities.  The series features a loose and light-hearted atmosphere that is welcoming to our guests while being entertaining to the audience.  Prepare to laugh!


Keith Nelon & David Ramsey

A special 'Mind Your Business' episode where we feature BOTH of our company owners, with a rare appearance of Keith Nelon. In addition, we also feature an appearance by our own in-house General Contractor, David Ramsey. We talk about the importance of moisture control as well as the quality control methods we use for our Repairs & Renovations division.

Linda Strickland - Linda Strickland Real Estate

Justin, Bart, and Allen kick off the 2024 podcast season with Linda Strickland, owner of Linda Strickland Real Estate. Once again, hilarity ensues as the team goes WAY off script with an in-depth discussion of vampires, light, pronunciation of 'Caribbean', Lionel Richie and (yes) more football picks.  This one made for a great 2024 kick-off.

Cathy Buchanan - Lead Therapy

Justin, Bart, and Allen welcome Cathy Buchanan, owner of Lead Therapy in Kings Mtn, NC, selling guns, ammo, and accessories, and also the area's largest indoor archery range. Hilarity ensues as the guys go WAY off script with an in-depth discussion on the Thanksgiving holiday, when to put up Christmas lights, and Bart's personal butter.

Cory Hill - CA3 Home Inspections

Justin, Bart, and Allen welcome Cory Hill of CA3 Home Inspections, serving our region with quality home inspections. We pick apart Cory on some of the strangest things he has seen, his background and qualifications, and (yes) some more college football picks.

Mike Wilbanks - Shelby Football Coach

Justin, Bart, and Keith welcome Shelby Golden Lions head football coach Mike Wilbanks to the studio, with a preview of the upcoming Crest vs. Shelby rivalry game. The guys also pick a handful of college football games to predict, and end up showing how little they know about football. 

Garrett Harris & Bradley Willis

Folks, you DO NOT want to miss this one, featuring Garrett Harris and Bradley Willis of Nelon-Cole Pest Control. The crew drifts off into conversations on Frodo Baggins, Justin's big football gamble payoff, Old Spice products, satanic ceremonies, howler monkeys, getting bitten by snapping turtles, the Saltine cracker challenge, and more.

Santa Claus - Father Christmas

Justin, Bart, and Allen welcome the man himself - Santa Claus to the podcast. Santa brings gifts, answers some very important questions, and has lots of laughs on his visit to Boiling Sprints pre-Christmas. This guest took quite a bit of effort to arrange, especially this close to Christmas, so we hope you enjoy the holiday fun!

Dianna Hughes - Spectrum Reach

Justin, Bart, and Allen welcome Dianna Hughes, Spectrum Reach account executive and an expert at local advertising. This one goes off the rails quickly with more Halloween-themed fun including more horror movies, belief in ghosts, favorite classic TV ads, and (yes) more football picks. An instant classic episode that's fun from start to finish!

Lorcan Morris - PGA Tour Caddie

Justin, Bart, and Allen welcome Lorcan Morris, PGA Tour Caddie and local celebrity. The guys also pick a handful of college football games to predict. Special thanks to Lorcan for taking some good-hearted abuse, and giving it right back!  This one made for an instant classic!

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