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Carpenter Bee Control in Charlotte and the Carolinas | Nelon-Cole

Don't Let Carpenter Bees Take Over

Carpenter Bees can do significant damage to wood structures in and around your home.  Nelon-Cole specializes in Carpenter Bee and Wasp control in the Carolinas!

Bees Can Cause All Kinds of Problems For Homeowners

As if the painful-stinging and territorial Wasp and Yellojacket isn't enough for Carolina homeowners to deal with, Carpenter Bees can quite literally tear your wood apart and weaken the very structure of your home.    

  • Female carpenter bees are defensive and territorial and can sting if provoked. 

  • The female carpenter bee can easily bore into thick wood to lay eggs.

  • Once inside the wood carpenter bees are hard to spot but can do costly damage by 'tunneling' inside the wood to create egg chambers.

  • Male carpenter bees, though unable to sting, are also very territorial and will act in a defensive manor if provoked.  

  • Damage to wood can significantly weaken structural integrity, leading to costly repairs.

Carpenter Bee and Pest Control of the Carolinas | Nelon-Cole
Carpenter Bee Damage Repair in Charlotte | Nelon-Cole

Carpenter Bees Hide, But Not From Nelon-Cole

The signs of a Carpenter Bee problem can be fairly obvious to the trained professional, but notoriously hard to spot for homeowners. 

Small holes in wooden structures can be as small as the circumference of a pencil or slightly larger, but the damage inside that wood can be so far-reaching that the entire compromised structure requires replacement, which can be a costly and time-consuming job.  

Nelon-Cole technicians know our Carolina region and the common problems that homeowners here face, including Carpenter Bee infestions.  Our Charlotte-area region may have many pest control companies to call, but only one is the most trusted and award-winning name that you know, and your call to us is an indication of trust that we will not betray!

Call today for a FREE consultation on bee, wasp, and yellojacket problems and enjoy a trouble-free time at your home this season!

2022 Favorites of the Foothills Award | Nelon-Cole
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2022 Best of the Best Award NC | Nelon-Cole

With locations throughout the Carolinas, we stand ready to help with your pest or mold and moisture problems.  Call us for a FREE consultation!

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