Termite Damage Can Lead To Thousands In Repair Costs

Trust Nelon-Cole to find and treat termite infestations before they get out of hand.

The Best Protection in the Carolinas against Termite Damage - Nelon-Cole

There is no more damaging pest for North Carolina and South Carolina homes and businesses than termites.  They are silent, stealthy, hidden, and highly dangerous to the structure of your building.  Nelon-Cole knows termites well, and are experts and both locating any potential problem and removing infestations before they dig in deep.  

  • Nelon-Cole is your authorized Termidor dealer, the leading technology in fighting termites.

  • We find and treat existing infestations.

  • Our system not only treats termites in the structure, but prevents termites from entering at all.

  • We can repair any existing wood and structure damage.

  • Affordable quarterly service plans available - make sure you are protected year round!


Quality and Dependable Termite Damage Repair

Many Carolina homeowners won't know they have significant termite damage until it is far too late.  Neglecting regular inspections can lead to costly repairs, but Nelon-Cole is on your side!

If your home or business discovered a termite infestation after damage has been done, your structure could be a danger to you.  Compromised beams, floors, and walls could give way and cause injury to unsuspecting residents.  Nelon-Cole has a dedicated repairs and renovations division that specializes in termite damage repair - no need to involve multiple contractors when we can handle it all.  From inspections to treatments to repairs, Nelon-Cole has your home or business covered!