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The Damaging Effects of Crawlspace Moisture

Crawlspace Mold and Moisture Services in Charlotte | Nelon-Cole

Heat and humidity are two aspects of living in the Carolinas that homeowners know well, but not every homeowner knows that heat and humidity can cause serious moisture and mold damage to their crawlspace. Nelon-Cole is here to help with information on potential damage problems that every homeowner across the Charlotte region and the Carolinas should be aware of.

mold and moisture inspections in the Charlotte area | Nelon-Cole

regular detailed inspections can save you thousands in unwanted repair bills


Not every homeowner routinely goes into a damp, dirty crawlspace for an inspection, and many will neglect quarterly inspections that should be done. With mold and moisture problems prevalent in your crawlspace, this can mean that your home HVAC and ductwork system is compromised and not working as efficiently as possible, which can lead to a stressed HVAC system, moldy breathing air in your home, and higher monthly energy bills in your mailbox. Our technicians thoroughly inspect underneath your home and take care not of any signs of issues. Catching these issues now can save you money on your utility bills later, and costly repairs now.

Dry Basements and Crawlspace in Charlotte | Nelon-Cole

keeping a dry crawlspace included checking for plumbing and HVAC leaks


Mold lives and thrives off moisture, and loves to eat dead organic materials like wood, paper, and cardboard. In Carolina homes, most crawl spaces have lots of moisture, as well as wood and other organic materials for mold to grow on. Mold also thrives on dead insects and (surprise!) there are usually lots of those in a typical crawlspace as well. Crawlspace vents can provide an open invitation for insects and pests, but also let in unwanted moisture.

Mold Remediation in Charlotte | Nelon-Cole

unchecked mold can destroy your supports and flooring from underneath

Once established, mold can release airborne spores that eventually make their way into living areas via your HVAC system, which in turn can cause allergies to flare up, unwanted sicknesses, and respiratory issues. Mold can take over quickly indeed!


There may be no costlier issue underneath your home than undiagnosed wood rot. Directly caused by moisture control problems in your crawlspace, wood rot in your floor joists and foundation can lead to major structural damage, which in turn leads to specialized repair services. To use a football term, it is best to play the ‘prevent defense’ – prevent these problems before they happen with regular inspections with Nelon-Cole.


There are many measures that can be taken to help ensure that this varied array of moisture and mold problems stays far away from your home. In addition to regular inspections, stay alert to any standing water issues underneath your home. This can be a sign of poor drainage systems in place on your property. Solutions such as waterproofing and encapsulation as well as the addition of a sump pump can certainly help keep the water out, but even simpler steps like proper grading and landscaping around your home are important steps to keeping drainage around your home from ending up underneath it.

Crawlspace Encapsulation in Charlotte | Nelon-Cole

encapsulation and dehumidifiers are important tools to keeping water out

Plumbing and HVAC issues can also cause unwanted moisture and mold buildup. Burst or leaking pipes or ‘sweating’ ductwork (caused by condensation) can be difficult to see from a ‘crawlspace door’ inspection with a flashlight. You need a technician to do the dirty work and inspect every area and aspect of your crawlspace, with an eye not only on existing issues but potential problem areas as well. Our comprehensive service can channel rainwater away from your home, encapsulate your crawlspace in a water-preventative film, and even add dehumidifiers that draw water from the moist air and pump it safely outside into a designated drainage area.


As the most awarded and most trusted name in pest and moisture control problems for Carolina homeowners, Nelon-Cole is the name to trust when you need expert help. In addition to our awards and accolades, we remain humbled to have earned the trust of thousands of homeowners across the greater Charlotte region, Carolina foothills, and upstate South Carolina areas. Our experience with region-specific issues makes Nelon-Cole the preferred call over other national names. Trust is important to us (you don’t stay in business very long without it!), and we do not take your trust for granted. We offer fair assessments of your unique situation and fair pricing.

We have also recently added a repairs and renovations division, so if repairs large or small are needed we can keep complete quality control in-house. Call Nelon-Cole today and get a free consultation with a trained technician who is well familiar with issues that Carolina homeowners face. Call 1-888-7-TheWeb and get your moisture and mold issues under control today! Charlotte Mold and Mildew - Gastonia Mold and Mildew - Asheville Mold and Mildew - Spartanburg Mold and Mildew - Hendersonville Mold and Mildew - Lincolnton Mold and Mildew

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