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Summer Humidity Problems in the Carolinas

They say the Southeastern states of the US is one of the most miserable climate regions in the nation, primarily due to the incredible humidity levels normally seen during a southern summer season. You can hear old-timers say things like “you can cut the air with a butter knife” as a description for just how thick the air feels. It isn’t uncommon to break a sweat just standing still, doing absolutely nothing. It can be rough.

a mold problem often goes unnoticed until it is too late for an easy fix

One aspect of the summer months which is normally out of site – out of mind is the crawlspace of your home. You probably think of it as some snake and insect infested wasteland where only the fearless and most heroic among us would dare to venture. But to your Nelon-Cole moisture and water control technician, your crawlspace is an opportunity to increase the maintenance longevity of your home, increase your air conditioner efficiency, increase the quality of the air you breathe inside your home, and generally make things better for you, even if you never see it.

Many people don’t realize that your crawlspace affects numerous aspects of your home life. Just like the above mentioned factors (air conditioner efficiency, breathable air quality), and with this comes some minor maintenance requirements. Moist air under your home can condense, which can cause serious damage to both your wood and insulation. If not caught and treated properly by a trained Nelon-Cole technician, condensation can turn to mold, which can cause all sorts of structural and health related issues for you home and for you.


Have you looked underneath your home recently? What we hope you will see is a nice, dry area where the air doesn’t smell musty or moldy. Are the walls of your crawlspace nice and clean? Do you see any standing water under your home, or any obvious signs of mold? Often times, a mold problem will hide in corners and dark areas and won’t be able to be seen easily until the problem gets out of hand and requires professional assistance. If you check underneath your home and see significant standing water, sagging insulation, notice moldy or musty air quality, or see obvious signs of wood rot or damage, then you may likely need the professional help of Nelon-Cole to help with this level of moisture / water damage.

crawlspace encapsulation offers the very best protection against mold and moisture problems that are common in the Carolinas


Encapsulation is like covering your crawlspace with a protective blanket. We not only deal with moisture related problems that may already exist, but encapsulation helps prevent any future problems. We not only cover the ground, but the walls and support structures as well.


Just as many homeowners like to run a dehumidifier inside their homes (especially in basements) to prevent a musty, moldy odor, so too can your crawlspace benefit from proper dehumidification. Nelon-Cole has quality, affordable crawlspace dehumidification products that help take the moisture out and keep the quality of your air as pure as possible. Your air conditioner system will love you!


First of all, don’t panic. Moisture and mold problems are quite common, especially in our region, and in most cases are able to be dealt with by professional services quite quickly and easily. With a consultation from Nelon-Cole, we will not only be able to repair any existing issues that are apparent, but we can formulate a plan to deal with underlying causes of the issue. It is great peace-of-mind to know that the oft-unseen area of your home that was causing so many nagging problem has now been relegated to the ‘done’ list – you can relax and enjoy the fresh, clean air.

the trained professionals at Nelon-Cole know what problems to look for in your crawlspace


Nelon-Cole always offers a free consultation, with no obligation. Call us and tell us what you see, send some photos, whatever you might have.We can help diagnose what might be causing the problem and recommend a course of action that fits both your budget and your timeframe.Our crews have only the very highest industry standards, and our online reviews support this.We are a multiple award-winning moisture and water control company that has helps thousands of clients throughout the Carolinas.If your home or business could use a moisture inspection, call us TODAY and let us get to work for you. Charlotte Mold and Moisture Control - Gastonia Mold and Moisture Control- Asheville Mold and Moisture Control - Spartanburg Mold and Moisture Control - Hendersonville Mold and Moisture Control - Lincolnton Mold and Moisture Control


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