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Pest and Moisture Control - Prepare Now, Save Later!

Carolina homeowners in the greater Charlotte area, the NC Piedmont and foothills, and upstate SC face some very specific and unique issues when it comes to pest and moisture control. What might be serious issues here may rare encounters in western states, or even in a different region of the Carolinas. That is why it is so important to trust in the services of a qualified pest and moisture control professional that is both from your area, and understands the unique challenges that face homeowners of our region. Nelon-Cole has the experience and expertise to face any challenge that a business or homeowner might face, and our name has become synonymous with quality service in the Carolinas. We truly care about our customers and their property.

It is in that spirit that we share with you some of the ‘hidden’ dangers that lurk in and around your home, and how proper preparation now can save you thousands in repair bills later on.


An ever-present threat to both home and business, termites are notoriously difficult for homeowners to spot until significant damage has been done. They can eat wood from the inside, and before they are noticed they can leave your structured in a weakened state that could very easily fail. This is truly one that is best left to the experts at Nelon-Cole, but you can be diligent. Inspect the outside foundation of your home for cracks and openings and make sure they are sealed off as best you can. If feeling adventurous, have a look inside your crawlspace. Does the wood feel solid when tapped on with your hand? Inspect outdoor doorway frames. Make sure your crawlspace area is dry and clean.

termites are masters at keeping their damage hidden until it is too late


Ants are more often seen in the warmer months, but it is not uncommon to have issues with ants in your home even during the winter as they look to find warmer areas to nest and also seek out food supplies. As with termites, do a visual inspection of obvious entry points and attempt to seal off if possible. Cleanliness is the enemy of ants, so inspect your kitchen cabinets for any signs of an infestation. Ensure that there are no scrap food products on the floor or inside cabinets. See that trash is carried out regularly.


Carpenter bees, like termites, prefer to do their damage to wood from the inside out. Once they burrow inside the wood, the females can often dig out large chambers which can significantly weaken your structure. Such damaged wood needs to be replaced to prevent structural failure – often a costly repair. Fortunately, the tell-tale sign of a carpenter bee problem can be easily noticed by the finger-sized holes in the wood outside your home. Nelon-Cole offers effective treatments and deterrents against carpenter bee damage, but you can attempt to plug these holes yourself with a quality sealant. Many in our area deal with carpenter bees near their home with a baseball bat or a tennis racket (you know who you are…).

carpenter bee damage can be easier to find - if you know what to look for


This is a big one, and one that so often goes neglected until estimated repair bills are high. Unless you frequently hang out inside your crawlspace or heating and air ducts, you may not realize the extent of a potential problem in your home. Mold and mildew can cause a litany of health-related issues to you and your family, not the least of which is breathing and compounded allergy-related issues. To gauge if there may be a problem, your first call should be to Nelon-Cole who can easily provide guidance and a consultation on if there may in fact be a problem at all. On your own, have a look under your crawlspace for standing water. A damp, musty smell can be natural in a dirt crawlspace, but a certain moldy aroma may be the sign of something bigger. Inspect your flooring beams for visual cues, such as dark moldy stains or dampness. Smell the air coming from your heating and air system. Look for any other visual clues such as dark spotting on sheetrock – a sure sign of moisture problems. Standing water in your crawlspace or basement can be expensive to repair in the even of heavy rains or flooding. Consider a moisture barrier, encapsulation, dehumidifiers, or sump pumps to help control problem areas.

undiagnosed mold and mildew problem can compound quickly


Nelon-Cole not only specializes in the treatment of all these problems, but also in preventative measures to help keep your home safe and dry. Our quarterly treatment program is an affordable and effective way to keep the trained eye of a technician looking for issues that require specialized training to spot, and our preventative steps can safe you thousands in repair costs in cases of neglect. Have questions? We are here to help at 1-888-7-TheWeb. A consultation is always free, and there is never an obligation when you call. Let us know what you see and we can help keep your home or business protected year-round!


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