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Keeping The Summer Pests At Bay

Summer in the Carolinas can have you feeling like you live in a swamp at times - heat and humidity, long days and warm evenings, and enough pests to make you go crazy. Although the best and most effective pest control measures are best handled by professionals, there are some common sense tips that you can keep in mind that make for effective pest control for all of us in the Charlotte pest control region and across the Carolinas.

inside and outside, Nelon-Cole keeps a watchful eye out for pests

All pests are looking for three main things - water, food, and safety (essentially shelter, as we would understand it). All pests in your home and lawn can have different needs as far as these 3 aspects go, but they do all share some common traits and needs -

Moisture - If you have a moist problem in and around your home or business, you are likely going to have more pests. Keeping moisture to a minimum will go a long way to reducing pest populations and potential break-ins.

Food — Pests love food and they love your food. But the food that drops as crumbs to the ground in your kitchen is only the start of this food chain. Just as mosquitos, moths, and other flying insects are drawn to your home by lights, spiders are drawn in by those flying insects. When spiders are drawn to your home by insects, centipedes, scorpions, wasps, and other spider-eating pests will move in. You’ll also have more visits from birds which can drop ticks and other parasites in your yard. Everything you do to reduce pests will reduce food sources around your home and help to clear up this chain.

Debris — Pests thrive around moist areas with shade provided by lawn clutter, leaves, woodpiles, and other hiding places. A thorough cleaning can go do wonders for reducing pest populations.

Recyclables — Do you keep recyclable objects in your garage? If you do, you may start to notice pests getting inside. You can reduce this by cleaning recyclables before storing them in your garage and by routinely removing recyclables from your garage so they don’t build up.

Trash — A common food source for many Carolina pests is common household trash. Proper management of trash is a key for the overall reduction of pests. Ensure that you keep bagged trash in a covered container that is cleaned periodically.


  • Use a caulking gun to seal around door and window frames, filling holes created by wood-destroying pests, and seal gaps around pipes.

  • Repair door or window screens that have been damaged.

  • Replace damaged panes of glass.

  • Repair or replace weatherstripping that has been damaged.

  • Install door sweeps.

  • Install weep hole protectors.

if pests have found a way in, Nelon-Cole will track it down and fix it


As some summer pests inevitably make their way into your home, some will die off quite quickly. Other pests will die off if they can’t find adequate food and water sources, while others seem to be able to survive no matter what techniques you try. While dealing with such pests might seem futile, there are some general tips you can try in an effort to make their lives uncomfortable at the least.

  • Reduce humidity in humid areas of your home by installing dehumidifiers.

  • Fix any leaky faucets or plumbing.

  • Add fans to circulate the air.

  • Keep your kitchen as clean as possible.

  • Put pantry foods in sealed containers.

  • Put pet food down only during mealtime.


Nelon-Cole knows that your time is valuable, and we do everything we can to take some of the stresses of homeownership in the Carolinas off your hands - specifically when dealing with threats from our regional pests. Our highly trained and award-winning staff knows where pests hide, and we know how to eliminate them for good. If you have already sustained some damage from pests such as termites, don't call a contractor - Nelon-Cole has a whole division dedicated to offering affordable repairs for pest-related damage. It is how we have earned our reputation at the Carolina's most trusted and award-winning pest and moisture control service.

Call us today and get a FREE consultation. Talk to a trained technician in plain terms, with no obligation. If you suspect you have a problem then tell us what you see. In many cases we can identify probable infestations based on your description or even a photo, and can recommend a treatment solution that is both safe and affordable. Call 1-888-7-TheWeb and let us earn your business!


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