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Dealing With Larger Wildlife Problems Around Your Home

Pest and Wildlife Control of the Charlotte region | Nelon-Cole

Most home and business owners in the Carolinas are aware of the damage that small pests can do. Termites, ants, bees, beetles, mice, and the like can all cause significant damage to your home and property, leading to potentially high repair bills. But our region is also home to other larger pests that can be more difficult to both contain and control. But help is not far away – Nelon-Cole has specific training in how to deal with the larger pests and also in the prevention and repair of the damage they can cause.

Wildlife and Pest Control in Charlotte | Nelon-Cole

rodents such as mice can multiply quickly and get out of hand without proper control


The most common on this list would be rodents. Mice (and all their varieties) are the most well-known to homeowners in the Carolinas. The common spring-loaded mouse trap is a common sight in many homes and businesses in our area and can be effective at catching the mouse wandering around at night looking for food, but these do very little to dispel a potential infestation in whole. In addition to common mice, our region is also home to many other varieties of destructive rodents such as chipmunks, woodchucks, squirrels, and gophers. While these rodents typically like to live outdoors during the warmer months, they can come inside if they find a readily available food source. During the winter months, these rodents will try to gain entry into your home in order to take advantage of both shelter and food. Once inside, they can be extremely difficult to contain or even find. In addition to potentially making their way into your cabinets and contaminating your food source, rodents can chew on wood, plastics, wiring, and plumbing, which can all lead to costly repairs.

Specialized Wildlife Control in Charlotte and the Carolinas | Nelon-Cole

though not as common inside homes, snakes can be dangerous to both humans and pets


Snakes of many varieties are common to the Carolinas, and though snakes making their way into homes are rare, your home can be inviting to snakes as they seek out food sources such as mice and rodents. They can also find themselves inside your home by sheer curiosity – snakes are masters at being able to sneak into even the tiniest entryways such as cracks or rotten sections of windows or doorways. While it can be beneficial to have a non-venomous snake patrolling your garden area, snakes in the home can be both dangerous and nerve-wracking. The experts at Nelon-Cole have special training and specialized tools for dealing with snake capture safely, and we recommend calling us if you suspect that snakes are inhabiting your living area, both inside and outside your home.

Wildlife and Pest Control in the Carolinas | Nelon-Cole

nesting birds can cause serious issues both inside and outside your home or business


Birds, perhaps surprisingly, can be one of the most difficult pests to control around your home or business. They can clog gutters and vents, and can cause damage to electrical systems, HVAC systems, and even to your plumbing. Some species of birds also enjoy special legal protections in the Carolinas, so taking matters into your own hands can often result in unwanted legal issues from state wildlife officials. Nelon-Cole technicians have specialized training when dealing with bird problems, and we know and abide by state and local laws with regard to protected birds in our region. Our bird control techniques are safe, effective, and humane.

Wildlife and Pest Control in the Charlotte region | Nelon-Cole

larger wildlife such as coyotes can be a serious threat that requires specialized measures


Nelon-Cole covers a large service area in the Carolinas, and in that service region it isn’t uncommon to see bears, coyotes, possum, beavers, and much other larger wildlife that can cause problems on your property, and even be a significant safety concern for your household and pets.

Nelon-Cole always follows all federal, state, and local laws when dealing with the humane control of these animals. Simple deterrents may work for effective control in most cases, but in other cases, more significant steps may need to be taken. You need to know that the help you are seeking is both qualified and capable of handling the problem quickly and effectively. Our technicians undergo regular training and consultations on how to best deal with potential problems with these larger wildlife pests, and we are happy to confer with you on the unique issue that you may face on your property.


Nelon-Cole has many years of experience dealing with complicated and potentially dangerous pest situations, and also many thousands of satisfied customers across the Carolinas. But we know that there isn’t a ‘template’ approach to dealing with larger wildlife issues – every homeowner situation is unique and requires a thoughtful and well-planned approach to proper control. We encourage you to bring us your questions – we are standing by to put our experience to work for you in a safe, effective, and affordable way. Call 1-888-7-TheWeb and get a FREE consultation about how we can help!

Nelon-Cole Pest and Wildlife Control of Charlotte | Nelon-Cole


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