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The German Cockroach - Effective Pest Control of this Common Carolina Nuisance

cockroach control for Carolina homeowners | Nelon-Cole

The dreaded German cockroach is the subject of many searches on the Nelon-Cole website. They are a common cockroach (also known as the croton bug) that can be easily found in southern states such as Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina - much of the Nelon-Cole service area. With this, we wanted to spread some education on this invasive cockroach species and arm Carolina homeowners with knowledge to help identify them.


The German cockroach (Blattella germanica) is a species of cockroach believed to have originated in parts of Africa. It is one of the most common and widespread cockroach species in the world, and it has adapted well to human environments. Over much time, they have spread to other parts of the world through human activities, such as trade and transportation. German cockroaches are highly adaptable and have a remarkable ability to survive in various environments. They are well-suited to human dwellings because they thrive in warm and humid conditions. They can also tolerate a wide range of temperatures and are often found in areas with ample food sources, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and other places where food is stored or prepared. Due to their small size and ability to hide in narrow cracks and crevices, German cockroaches can easily infest buildings and become a nuisance. They reproduce rapidly and have a short lifecycle, allowing them to establish large populations in a short period.

german cockroach pest control in Charlotte and the Carolinas | Nelon-Cole
the German cockroach is a common sight in many Carolina homes


German cockroaches differ from other cockroach species found in the Carolinas and other regions in several ways, including their physical characteristics, behavior, and habitat preferences. Some of these differences include

  • Size: German cockroaches are generally smaller than many other common cockroach species found in the United States. Adults typically measure about 1/2 to 5/8 of an inch (12-15 mm) in length. In comparison, American cockroaches, for example, are larger, measuring around 1 to 1.5 inches (25-38 mm) in length.

  • Coloration: German cockroaches are light brown to tan in color and have two dark parallel stripes running lengthwise on their pronotum (the shield-like structure behind the head). These stripes are distinctive features that can help identify them. Other cockroach species may have different color patterns or lack the characteristic stripes.

  • Wing Structure: German cockroaches have well-developed wings, but they are not strong fliers. They have a preference for running rather than flying. In contrast, some other cockroach species, such as the American cockroach, have longer wings and are capable of sustained flight.

  • Habitat Preferences: German cockroaches have a strong affinity for indoor environments, particularly warm and humid areas close to food and water sources. They are commonly found in residential and commercial buildings, including kitchens, bathrooms, and areas where food is stored or prepared. Other species, like the American cockroach, are more likely to inhabit outdoor areas but can also be found indoors in damp, dark locations.

  • Reproduction and Lifecycle: German cockroaches have a rapid reproductive cycle. The female carries an egg capsule (ootheca) until it is ready to hatch, and then deposits it in a sheltered location. Each capsule can contain around 30-40 eggs, and the development from egg to adult can occur in as little as 2-3 months. Some other cockroach species may have longer lifecycles and produce fewer eggs per capsule.

It's important to note that different regions in the United States may have variations in the cockroach species present, and these differences can influence the specific characteristics and behaviors observed. The pest control professionals at Nelon-Cole go through extensive training to be able to identify the various species of cockroaches that are found in Carolina homes, and are the name to call if you believe you have a German cockroach infestation in your home.

cockroach control in Charlotte and the Carolinas | Nelon-Cole
Nelon-Cole specializes in cockroach infestation control across the Carolinas


Because German cockroaches are commonly found in North Carolina and South Carolina homes, it is important to understand the problems and health risks they can pose if left untreated by the pest control professionals at Nelon-Cole. They can pose several dangers and health risks to Carolina homeowners. Here are some of the potential hazards associated with German cockroach infestations

  • Allergies and Asthma: Cockroaches, including German cockroaches, produce allergens that can trigger allergic reactions and worsen asthma symptoms, especially in sensitive individuals. The presence of cockroach droppings, shed skins, and saliva can contaminate the air and lead to respiratory issues.

  • Disease Transmission: While German cockroaches are not known to be direct carriers of diseases like some other species, they can still transmit pathogens indirectly. They can pick up disease-causing organisms, such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites, from unsanitary environments and transfer them to food, utensils, and surfaces in your home, potentially leading to food poisoning and other illnesses.

  • Food Contamination: German cockroaches are known for their scavenging behavior and can contaminate food and food preparation surfaces. They leave behind feces, saliva, and shed body parts that can introduce harmful bacteria and other pathogens into your food, making it unsafe for consumption.

  • Damage to Property: German cockroaches are not only a nuisance but can also cause damage to household items. They have strong mandibles and may chew through various materials, including cardboard, paper, fabrics, and even electrical wiring. Damaged wiring can pose a fire hazard.

  • Psychological Impact: Dealing with a cockroach infestation can cause significant psychological distress and anxiety for homeowners. The fear and disgust associated with cockroaches can affect the overall well-being and quality of life of individuals living in infested homes.


The news isn't all bad if you find German cockroaches in your home. Common-sense techniques can often prevent cockroaches your home (steps that should be taken to prevent any type of pest infestation). Some of these include

  • Maintain Cleanliness: Keeping your home clean is crucial in preventing cockroach infestations. Regularly clean up food crumbs, spills, and grease from countertops, floors, and other surfaces. Vacuum and sweep regularly to remove food particles and debris. Pay attention to areas like the kitchen, dining area, and food storage areas.

  • Store Food Properly: Seal food in airtight containers or store it in the refrigerator. This prevents cockroaches from accessing potential food sources. Do not leave uncovered food or pet food out overnight.

  • Dispose of Garbage Properly: Cockroaches are attracted to garbage and decaying organic matter. Dispose of garbage in tightly sealed containers and take it out regularly. Keep outdoor trash bins away from the house, if possible.

  • Fix Plumbing Issues: Cockroaches need water to survive, so fix any plumbing leaks or dripping faucets to eliminate potential water sources. Keep sinks and drains clean and dry.

  • Seal Entry Points: Inspect your home for gaps, cracks, and crevices where cockroaches can enter. Seal these entry points using caulk or weatherstripping to prevent their access.

  • Reduce Clutter: Cockroaches thrive in cluttered environments as they provide hiding places. Declutter your home, especially storage areas, to minimize potential hiding spots for cockroaches.

  • Regularly Clean Appliances: German cockroaches are known to seek warmth and shelter in appliances like stoves, microwaves, toasters, and refrigerators. Clean these appliances regularly and remove any food debris or crumbs.

  • Monitor Secondhand Items: Be cautious when bringing secondhand furniture, appliances, or boxes into your home. Inspect them thoroughly for any signs of cockroaches or their egg cases before bringing them indoors.

  • Be Mindful of Outdoor Sources: Cockroaches can enter your home from the outside. Minimize outdoor attractants by keeping the exterior of your home clean, removing debris, and trimming vegetation away from the house.

Nelon-Cole pest and cockroach control of Charlotte | Nelon-Cole
your Nelon-Cole technician will apply effective treatments that are safe for your family and pets!

Of course, these suggestions represent the 'perfect scenario' in home pest prevention, but life isn't always that simple, and even these steps are not 100% effective. It doesn't take much for a few stray cockroaches to make their way into your kitchen and before you know it you have a major infestation on your hands. The award-winning pest control professionals at Nelon-Cole are the trusted solution to pest control problems in the Carolinas, having been trusted by thousand of your neighbors in the Carolinas for many years. We encourage you to give us a call and let our quarterly treatment and inspections keep your home protected year-round. Call 1-888-7-TheWeb or simply fill out a request here on our website for a fast, no-obligation services quote. Your home will thank you with lower yearly maintenance bills as your pest problems become a thing of the past!

German Cockroach Pest Control in the Carolinas


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