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Fall Pest Control in the Carolinas

Fall Pest Control in the Carolinas | Nelon-Cole

Carolina homeowners face some real threats to their property throughout the year, but fall brings some unique challenges to be mindful of.


Many homeowners in the Carolinas and particularly the greater Charlotte region like to burn fires as the weather begins to cool. This generally means an area in which to store and stick firewood is necessary.

Firewood Pest Infestations in the Carolinas | Nelon-Cole

keep firewood at a distance from your home if possible

This is a big way that pests can gain access to your home. Firewood can be home to many varieties of pests including fire ants, carpenter ants, spiders, termites, and even small rodents like mice. Try to keep your firewood dry and away from the home if possible.


As leaves begin to fall, gutters in our homes can fill and clog easily. This is a perfect environment for pests, especially if gutters are left unchecked. Clogged gutters can lead to all kinds of problems for your home, but water damage is a prime area for pest entry. This is a job that is best left to home care professionals who will have specialized equipment for cleaning gutters. Not only will you prevent possible water damage but you will also cut off a major avenue for infestations.

Charlotte Water and Moisture Control Near Me | Nelon-Cole

clogged gutters are one way pests can gain access to your home


While the summer months can be a brutal time to do some of the hard work around your home, the cooler temperatures of the coming weeks can be a wonderful opportunity to do those jobs you have been putting off, such as properly sealing any cracks around doors and windows in your home. Also, look for cracks around your crawlspace or basement walls that may be an opportunity for pest entry. If you have windows with screens, now is the perfect time to do a comprehensive inspection for any tears or holes that may need to be addressed. Take advantage of the cooler weather and thoroughly check your home for problem areas.

Charlotte Pest Control Near Me | Nelon-Cole

diligent pest control is recommended during changing seasons


One area that is often overlooked when checking for potential pest issues is the landscape that is immediately around your home. Generally, this means checking mulch or pine needle beds that join up to the structure.

In addition to keeping falling leaves raked clear of your home, so too should you periodically rake back several inches of ground covering (mulch, pine needles) and inspect for any potential issues. Here you may find termites, ants, grubs, yellowjackets, worms, or other pests. Sometimes these may not pose an immediate threat, but it will be well worth your time to inspect this area that is often overlooked.


With the cooler weather, pests will begin looking for their winter homes, which inevitably leads them to seek shelter in your home or business. One such common pest is the springtail. The springtail is fond of moisture and damp, dark areas – making basements and crawlspaces prime targets. Springtails are mostly harmless to people and pests as they do not bite and are non-poisonous. But they could be a sign of mold and moisture problems that you may not otherwise notice.

Springtail Pest Control Charlotte and the Carolinas | Nelon-Cole

springtails are a common fall sight for Carolina homeowners

Box Elder Beetles are another common fall pest. They are the little black and orange beetles that are often found on the site of your house or hanging on screens. Box Elder Beetles rarely bite and are mostly harmless to pets and people, but they can stain carpets and curtains and can leave an unpleasant odor.

Box Elder Beetle Pest Control Charlotte | Nelon-Cole

box elder beetles can thrive during the cooler months

Stink Bugs are one that we have no doubt all seen around our homes. They seemingly teleport in because it is nearly impossible to otherwise find out how they get into your home. Like the above-mentioned pests, they are relatively harmless with regards to a bite or spreading diseases, but their name is well-earned, especially if you kill one in your home. They leave a most unpleasant odor as a natural defense. Stink Bugs, Box Elder Beetles, and Springtails are all part of a routine pest control visit from Nelon-Cole.


No article on pest control in the cooling temperatures would be complete without a few words on mice. Mice, perhaps more than any other pest in the Carolinas, will want to make a home out of your home during the cooler months. They can live both inside the walls and in attic spaces, making them nearly impossible to find (though many of us are no doubt familiar with the ‘signs’ of a mice infestation…). Mice are a more aggressive threat than the others mentioned here as they are known to carry various diseases that can be a real threat to your pest and family. A mice infestation needs to be found and properly treated before it gets out of control (which can happen FAST).

Mice Control in the Carolinas | Nelon-Cole

mice are a year-round concern, but especially so during cooler months

Nelon-Cole is the pest control company to trust in the greater Charlotte and Carolinas region.

We are the most awarded, highest reviewed pest control company in our area, and our reputation is earned one customer at a time. Home protection during these changing environmental times has never been more important for your home. Trust the professionals at Nelon-Cole to have your best interest in mind as we aggressively protect your biggest investment – your home! Call for a no-obligation consultation and see why so many Carolina homeowners both use and recommend us. Call Nelon-Cole today and get a FREE consultation on how we can eliminate fall pest concerns in your home – and protect you from further pest and moisture control issues in the Carolinas in the future!


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