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Keeping An Eye on Cold Weather Pests

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With cold temperatures beginning to move into the Carolinas, so too will pests. Mice, bedbugs, ants, rats, fleas, cockroaches, and spiders among others will attempt to seek shelter in the warmth of your home during the cold winter months. Thankfully, there are steps you can take both inside and outside your home that will help to deter these pests.

ants can cause major damage to your home year round, but look for opportunities to come indoors when the weather gets cold

Outside of your home, you can start by replacing damaged roof tiles and keeping your garage clutter-free. Rodents love to hide in clutter so be sure to keep storage areas well organized. Most people don’t realize that Termites swarm and reproduce until February and often find shelter in woodpiles or leaves along with mice and ants who make their nests here. For this reason, it is important to keep yard waste to a minimum. In addition, keeping shrubs and branches trimmed and away from your home will prove helpful. It is always a good idea to keep your gutters clean as there are many pests that thrive in moist areas. Squirrels love to frequent chimneys and attics in the winter, so a chimney cap can be a game-changer when it comes to nesting. This will also prove beneficial in keeping away bats and birds. Keeping rodents at bay is so important for your family’s health and safety due to diseases such as Hantavirus and Salmonella that these animals are known to carry. Don’t forget to check air vents and make sure they are covered with wire mesh to prevent entry into your home. Eliminating points of entry into your home is a key for keeping these and other pests at bay.

mice are excellent opportunists when it comes to looking for food sources in your home

There are steps you can take inside to prevent these winter pests as well. Caulking inside around pipes and weatherstripping around windows and doors can make entry into your home more challenging for winter pests. Although spiders are less active in the winter, they will still head for warmer places. They hide in dark, low-traffic areas and sometimes camp out in cardboard storage boxes. For this reason, you may want to consider storing items in plastic bins rather than cardboard boxes. Spiders can bite and these bites can sometimes cause serious side effects. Keeping food stored in airtight containers and making sure that you don’t leave dirty dishes lying around can help deter cockroaches that may try to enter your home in search of food. This is important as cockroaches can be a trigger for asthma and allergies. Be sure to empty trash regularly and clean countertops often. It is also a good idea not to leave pet food out overnight.

bedbugs can cause skin irritation and can contribute to the spread of serious diseases

As the holidays approach, be aware of silverfish. One female can produce over 3500 eggs. These pests can come into your home through cracks, but they can also hitch a ride on outdoor decorations to make their way inside. Snow, frost, and wind aren’t the only winter worries, but following these tips will help eliminate seasonal problems due to pests. It is never too late to take steps to protect your home and family.

Winter brings about some unique pest issues and threats to your home or business. Knowing what to look for is a key to protection. Sometimes the signs of an infestation can only be noticed by experienced and trained technicians. Nelon-Cole maintains the most experienced staff of pest control professionals in the Carolinas, and our award-winning service is here to protect your home.

Each technician is trained in not only how to spot threats but also how to eliminate them for good. Our proven scientific techniques are safe for your home and family and our work is guaranteed. Want to know how we can help? Call us today at 1-888-7-TheWeb and get a FREE consultation from a qualified technician who knows the unique pest control aspects that Carolina homeowners face.

We look forward to adding you to our growing list of happy (and fully protected) customers.


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