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Be Pest Free (Year-Round) in 2023!

Pest control is a year-round process. As the seasons change, so do the threats posed by pests of every variety. Nelon-Cole shares some of our award-winning experience with home and business owners to help keep pests at bay.

making sure your home is properly sealed is the job of the Nelon-Cole technician


Winter can be a tough time for pests, especially in the hectic climate of the Carolinas - one day well below freezing, the next day near 70 degrees. Cold temperatures and lack of available food can drive insects and rodents indoors (just like people!), where they can cause a myriad of problems in your home. Here are some helpful tips for keeping pests at bay during the winter months:

  1. Keep your home sealed: Make sure to seal any cracks or gaps around your doors and windows, as these can be entry points for pests. Caulking or weatherstripping can also help to keep pests out.

  2. Store food properly: Pests are attracted to food, so it's important to keep your pantry and kitchen clean and organized. Store dry goods in airtight containers, and dispose of garbage regularly to prevent pests from being attracted to your home.

  3. Keep your home warm: Pests are more likely to seek shelter in your home when it's cold outside, so it's important to keep your home warm. Make sure to repair any drafts, and consider investing in a programmable thermostat to maintain a consistent temperature.

  4. Clean up outdoor areas: Remove any piles of leaves, brush, or debris from around your home, as these can provide shelter for pests. Trim back trees and shrubs to reduce the number of hiding places for pests.

  5. Use natural pest repellents: Chemical pest control products can be harmful to humans and pets. Instead, try using natural alternatives like peppermint oil or citrus-scented products, which can help to deter pests.

By following these tips, you can help to prevent pests from taking up residence in your home through the winter. Remember, the key to effective pest control is to be proactive and take steps to prevent pests from entering your home in the first place.

ant control is a year-round process, but spring is when to be especially diligent

SPRING Spring can truly be like a 'lion' or a 'lamb' in the Carolinas (as the saying goes for the month of March). It is the time when pests start to come out of hiding and become more active. It's important for the Carolina homeowner to take preventive measures to protect your home and garden from pests. Here are some Nelon-Cole tips for pest control in the spring:

  1. Keep your yard clean: Pests are attracted to clutter and debris, so keep your yard free of any excess clutter or debris. This includes leaves, sticks, and fallen branches.

  2. Repair any holes or cracks: Pests can enter your home through even the smallest of openings. Be sure to seal any holes or cracks in your walls, foundation, and windows to prevent pests from entering.

  3. Remove standing water: Mosquitoes and other pests are attracted to standing water. Be sure to remove any standing water from your yard, including puddles, birdbaths, and old tires. This is the time to call Nelon-Cole if you see water and moisture issues around or underneath your home as well.

  4. Try some natural pest control methods: There are many natural pest control methods that are effective in keeping pests at bay. For example, planting herbs such as basil, mint, and rosemary can help repel pests. You can also use some essential oils as a natural pest deterrent.

  5. Use chemical pest control products. This is where your Nelon-Cole technician is worth the investment. By utilizing the latest technology and pest control techniques, we can safely and effectively keep pests out of your lawn and home.

  6. Keep an eye out for problems: Regularly inspecting your home and yard for signs of pests can help you catch infestations early, before they have a chance to get out of control. Look for droppings, nests, or other signs of pests, and take action if you spot any.

By following these spring pest control tips, spring can be a pest-free time to enjoy your home with no issues.

Nelon-Cole works in cooperation with your landscape technicians to help control summer pests


Summer is a great time to enjoy the outdoors in the Carolinas, but it can also bring its fair share of pests. From mosquitoes and flies to ants and bees, these pests can not only ruin your outdoor fun, but they can also pose significant health risks. Here are the Nelon-Cole approved tips to help you keep pests at bay during the summer months:

  1. Keep your yard clean and cut. Pests are attracted to clutter, so make sure to keep your yard free of debris and excess refuse. This includes picking up any fallen branches or leaves, and trimming overgrown plants in your landscaping.

  2. Repair any cracks or holes in your home. Small pests like ants and mosquitoes can easily crawl through cracks and holes in your home. By sealing up these openings, you can prevent pests from getting inside. Such openings are easily spotted by the trained eye of your Nelon-Cole technician during inspections.

  3. Use repellents carefully. There are many pest repellents that you can use to keep pests away from your yard. Some of these are natural, including plants like marigolds, citronella, and basil, which can help repel mosquitoes and flies. You can also use natural pest repellent sprays made with essential oils.

  4. Keep food and trash covered (this is a big one!). Pests are attracted to food and trash, so it’s important to keep these items covered and stored properly. Make sure to keep your trash indoor cans covered and store food in airtight containers.

  5. Use screens on windows and doors, especially if you like to keep a window open during the summer months (such as when using an attic fan). Make sure to repair any holes or tears in your screens to keep pests out.

Using the Nelon-Cole guidelines, you can enjoy a pest-free Carolina summer and make the most of your outdoor time without the pain and problems of out-of-control pest infestations.

Fall is the time when mice and rodents look to make a home inside your home


As the Carolina weather starts to cool and the leaves begin to fall, it's important to be diligent about pest control in your home. Pests such as mice, ants, and spiders can start to look for warm places to nest as the temperatures drop, and nobody wants to find a surprise (and costly) infestation during the fall and winter months. Here are some of the Nelon-Cole tips to help you prevent pests from taking up residence in your home during the fall season:

  1. Always keep and eye out for methods that pests use to enter your home. As with other seasons, pests can use these openings to get into your home, so it's important to locate and seal them up. Use caulk or steel wool to fill in any gaps you find, and pay special attention to areas where utilities and pipes enter your home.

  2. Keep your home and property clean and clutter-free. Pests are attracted to such areas because it provides them with places to hide (and also likely food sources), so try to keep your home as clean and organized as possible. Regularly sweep and vacuum, and don't let dirty dishes pile up in the sink.

  3. Take care to avoid exposed food or scrap food sources. Mice and other pests are attracted to the smell of food, so it's important to store your dry goods in airtight containers. This will also help to protect your food from contamination.

  4. Fix any plumbing leaks. Pests are drawn to moisture, so fixing any plumbing leaks in your home can help to deter them. Make sure to check under sinks and behind appliances for any signs of dripping or pooling water.

  5. Make use of a pest control service such as Nelon-Cole. If you're having trouble keeping pests at bay, it may be time to call in the professionals. A pest control service can help to identify and eliminate any current infestations, and they can also provide ongoing protection to help prevent future problems.

Calling Nelon-Cole for pest control throughout the year is important for a number of reasons. Pests, such as insects and rodents, can carry diseases and parasites that can be harmful to humans and pets. Pests can also cause damage to homes and businesses by chewing through wiring, wood, and other materials. In addition, pests can be a nuisance, causing discomfort and stress to those living or working in infested areas (as well as leading to expensive repairs).

Our award-winning technicians have the training and experience to effectively eliminate pest infestations using methods that are safe for both family and pets. They can also help to prevent future pest problems by implementing preventive measures, such as sealing entry points and providing ongoing maintenance. By utilizing our pest control services, you can protect your health, property, and overall well-being. Call Nelon-Cole today and get a FREE consultation on how our affordable service can keep your home and property safe from pest control issues year-round! Call 1-888-7-TheWeb.


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