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Is Your Basement Floating Away?

Nelon-Cole Basement Waterproofing in Charlotte and the Carolinas

There are many homeowners in the Carolinas who have basements. Some are used to store Christmas trees, old family photos, bicycles that are never ridden, and clothes that we wish would still fit. Others have put significant time and resources into their basement areas and have turned them into extravagant living area complete bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. Regardless of how your basement may be used, all basements have a common enemy – water.

As a basement is by definition area that is below grade on your property, basements are particularly susceptible to water problems. Waterproofing techniques and technologies have changed tremendously over the years, and Nelon-Cole technicians get special training on how to deal with water problems. Let’s take a look at common issues related to basement flooding and what can be done to both prevent it.

Nelon-Cole Waterproofing of Charlotte will extend your downspouts for drainage away from the home

proper drainage away from your basement starts with gutters and downspouts


You may be surprised at just how poorly your home or lot can drain away excess water from even moderately heavy rains. Getting that water away from your homes is the very first key to flood prevention. A proper gutter and downspout system is a big key here. If your downspouts are not carrying water away from your home they may in fact be helping to cause flooding by putting excess rainwater directly into the ground in a concentrated area. Nelon-Cole technicians excel at extending your downspouts out into your lawn where drainage will be away from the home – not directly into the ground beside your home. In many cases, this step alone can prevent flooding from all but the heaviest of rains. In other situations, minor grading or adjustments to landscaping may help to move or keep water away from your home by directing the flow of water to better drainage areas.

Nelon-Cole of the Carolinas installs basement and crawlspace sump pumps

a sump pump installation is fantastic at preventing basement flooding


A sump pump is a fantastic backup defense when used in conjunction with corrected drainage issues. A correctly installed sump pump will pump any water that comes up into its basin out into a designated drainage area. Under heavy rain conditions, any water that might come in despite drainage efforts will find the first low area possible to enter. With the installation of a sump pump, this water is quickly and easily pumped away from the home. Insurance companies love sump pumps. Although many insurance companies will deny coverage of basement flooding unless you have supplemental flood insurance, many policies will cover flood damage to your basement if you have a sump pump or if your sump pump malfunctions. As always, it is best to check with your insurance agent for your specific coverage.


As stated earlier in the article, proper grading and landscaping can help prevent basement flooding as well. This could mean grading and building up your lawn in such a way that helps water flow away from your home, or in other cases, proper use of flower bedding can also help. Nelon-Cole technicians look at the ‘lay of the land’ and can make recommendations to correct landscaping problems that may contribute to flooding. French drains can easily alleviate problems from low-lying areas in your lawn where drainage is slow. If your lawn appears to flow water toward your home rather than away from it, you need professional consultation on the best ways to fix this.

many basements have finished living area that can be costly to replace if flooded


In the most extreme cases of basement flooding, excavation of exterior walls below grade may be needed to apply additional waterproofing measures. As terrible as this sounds, our award-winning water control technicians know how to perform such jobs with great efficiency, making this a more affordable option than you may realize. When used with other water control techniques, these steps take care of even the most impossible flooding situations that basement homeowners in the Carolinas may see.

Nelon-Cole mold and moisture control of Charlotte and the Carolinas

even small water problems in your basement can lead to costly repairs


They say the best recommendation you can get is from customers who have used you in the past, and Nelon-Cole has helped hundreds of homeowners across the Carolinas with basement flooding issues. Have a look at our reviews on Google or social media. Our reviews are never solicited, but rather are left by customers who take their own time to leave such reviews. If you are a homeowner who is having basement flooding issues, you owe it to yourself to call the company that stakes its reputation on its results. Our technicians are happy to come out and look at your home and give our opinion of the steps needed. We never jump to expensive solutions first that may not be needed. We will give an honest overview of steps that we would take to help with the problem. Call us at 1-888-7-TheWeb and get a no-obligation consultation on your unique scenario – everyone is different, and your home deserves proper attention rather than a ‘one-size-fits-all’ answer. We look forward to hearing from you, and giving you a dry basement for good! Charlotte Basement Waterproofing - Gastonia Basment Waterproofing - Asheville Basement Waterproofing - Spartanburg Basement Waterproofing - Hendersonville Basement Waterproofing - Lincolnton Basement Waterproofing

Nelon-Cole Basement and Crawlspace Waterproofing of the Carolinas


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