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Occasional Invaders Are Coming!

With summer winding down you would be forgiven for thinking that your pest problems are coming to an end, that summer pests will migrate underground for the coming autumn and winter months, and that your home is safe from these invaders until around next spring. Unfortunately, those of us in the pest control business know how many homeowners make this common mistake and face costly repair bills as spring rolls back around. Here in the Carolinas, proper pest control is a year-round task, and part of our responsibility is to educate homeowners in our region regarding the dangers of being complacent when it comes to your pest control diligence. With that, we introduce to you the occasional invaders!

crickets can be quite a nuisance in your home - especially at night!


The term “occasional invaders” is somewhat of a catch-all term that is meant to include any pest that might migrate into your home during seasonal temperature changes (such as from summer to autumn, in this case). Occasional invaders look for shelter in your home for one major reason – their survival. Not all bugs in our region are naturally equipped to survive drastic temperature changes, so they will naturally look for areas better suited for their survival (such as a temperature-controlled house – the closest thing to Heaven that a bug can find!). While it is indeed true that some bug species don’t pose a particularly dangerous threat to your home, there are other species that you certainly want to find where they are hiding. They can present a real threat to your health as well as the structure of your home. Let’s take a closer look…


Occasional invaders include boxelder bugs, centipedes, crickets, earwigs, ladybugs, millipedes, pillbugs, scorpions, silverfish, slugs, springtails and stink bugs, to name a few. Some of these are more common (and certainly easier to see) than others in the Carolinas, but your Nelon-Cole service technician is highly trained at finding all of these and eliminating any infestations that might be hiding in your home.

silverfish will look for warmer environments once the weather starts to cool


More often than not, occasional invaders pose no immediate threat to your health or real damage potential to your home's structure. However, some can certainly cause some health issues if not treated correctly and timely. Stink bugs are harmful to the agricultural industry because they destroy crops. Boxelder bugs and ladybugs may exude a defensive fluid when crushed that could stain curtains, drapes, clothing, and other fabrics. Silverfish infest paper, particularly wallpaper, books, and envelopes, so these materials could become damaged over time. Often a homeowner may spot a visible pest during cleaning, but think nothing more of it once that bug is sucked into the dark hole of death. However, spotting one may be a sign of a larger infestation that, if undiagnosed, may lead to costly repairs. Regular inspections by the pest control professionals at Nelon-Cole is the absolute best way to ensure your home is protected year-round.


Should you panic if you see a few ladybugs or stink bugs in your home during the fall or winter months? Likely not. However, they did get into your home somehow, and you probably don’t know how that is. Bugs can access a home through the tiniest of openings and, once inside, can often multiply beyond belief if not treated. In addition to the health risks of an undiagnosed infestation, many pests may feed on the structure of your home (wood, wiring, insulation, etc). This normally starts in the crawlspace of your home but isn’t relegated to only that area. They can also be in walls, cabinets, closets – any space that might be dark where they feel a sense of safety. Nelon-Cole wants every home in the Carolinas to be protected from both pest and moisture-related issues.

while generally not a health threat, boxelder bugs can stain light-colored garments or materials that they may contact in your home

Your home is the biggest investment most people will ever make, and it may surprise you how many homeowners neglect simple pest and moisture inspections. Nelon-Cole is always happy to perform a one-time comprehensive inspection, but we love to give customers year-round peace of mind with our quarterly service visits. If a pest or moisture problem is occurring we will find it and take care of it before the need arises for costly repairs that can run into the thousands. We would love the chance to earn your business as we have for thousands of other customers across the Carolinas. Call Nelon-Cole today and get a free consultation. Tell us what you see, what is going on in your home or business, and we can outline an affordable plan of protection that will leave you sleeping easy. Call 1-888-7-TheWeb and keep occasional invaders in the dirt this year!

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Dec 06, 2021

Fantastic - Thank you!

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