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Fall Pests in the Carolinas

Fall has arrived in the Carolinas, and with the cooler weather comes seasonal concerns for the pest that follow. Pests will often look to find shelter during the cooler months and will often find their way into your home. Some of these pests will lie dormant through the winter, while others will look to feed on whatever they can scavenge from your home. Let’s have a look at some of the more common fall pests in the Carolinas and what they might be up to in your home or business.

ants are not just a summmertime pest!


Fire ants are one of the most common fall pests for Carolina homeowners. You likely know them well from painful bites on your feet just from walking through an untreated lawn. Fire ants are an invasive species that are native to South America. They are highly territorial and will coordinate bites through signals to others in their colony. They are highly active during the cooler fall months as they search for food sources to sustain their colony. Nelon-Cole offers thorough treatment for fire ant colonies through the use of safe pesticides that can keep them at bay throughout the fall and winter months. We would advise that you steer clear of any fire ant hills or mounds and seek professional treatment as these can be a real danger to small children and pets.


The kudzu bug is a pest that is native to Asia and first appeared in the southeastern United States in the late 2000s. While kudzu bugs are not a danger to bite or sting, they do emit a strong odor when exterminated as they are related to the common stink bug. Like most insects, they are known to be carriers of dangerous germs, parasites, and diseases. If found they can typically be disposed of safely by taking them outside and setting free. However, if you begin to see numerous kudzu bugs inside you may have an infestation that requires treatment. Your Nelon-Cole professional can easily diagnose such an infestation and recommend a course of action that will leave you safe.

kudzu bugs can leave a smelly revenge once they are exterminated


Spiders are opportunists, and will try to set up camp in your home due to their main food source – other pests! Many spiders will stay out of your way and likely even remain unseen most of the time. However, there are indeed some species of spiders to beware of as their bites can be both painful and dangerous. The Black Widow spider is quite common in the Carolinas and loves to hide in dark, cool spaces. Spiders that are unidentified or suspected to be dangerous should be dealt with by your Nelon-Cole technician. We are also trained to look for such pests during our quarterly inspections, so the importance of such regular inspections cannot be overstated.

don't leave your home looking like a 'haunted house' this fall...


Rodents of various types are also very common in Carolina homes, usually making their way indoors through cracks and unsealed openings from outside the home. Rodent infestations can be mitigated by carefully examining such possible openings throughout the year and taking proper sealing measures. Once rodents make their way in they can multiply quickly, and a potential problem can get out of hand fast. Keep an eye out for damaged wires, droppings, drywall breaks, and pay attention to scratching sounds that may be coming from your walls.

If the problem doesn’t go away after laying a common mousetrap you may have a serious infestation problem that Nelon-Cole can assist with.

mice infestations can get out of control quickly!


These aren’t the only pests common to Carolina homes in the fall. Grubs, mosquitos, beetles, and even grasshoppers are all looking for shelter, food, and a place to lay eggs. Our team of pest control experts knows our regional pests well, and how to control them and prevent costly damage to your home or business. The good news is that if you suspect you have a problem we are a free phone call from listening to you and recommending a course of action.

Not all problems require professional treatment, and we will tell you that as well. If needed, we are here ready to go to work for you. Call us at 1-888-7-TheWeb and talk to a friendly voice who is eager to hear your situation and help get it resolved quickly and affordably. We earn our reputation every day and look forward to serving you.


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